Thursday, 23 December 2010

Manipulating web.config file programmatically

To modify/add a web config entry following code can be referred

// Get the SPSite object
SPSite site = new SPSite("URL");
if (site != null)
SPWebApplication webApp = site.WebApplication;
// Create the modification entry
SPWebConfigModification webEntry = new SPWebConfigModification("Web Config entry " ,"Entry location" );
// Add the web config entry to the collection

Web Config Entry could be

+ @"[@TypeName="*"][@Safe="True"][@AllowRemoteDesigner="True"]"

Entry location could be


Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Could not load file or assembly CustomMarshalers

Recently, I came across a weird issue while running the code in different environment.

Suddenly I started getting "Could not load file or assembly CustomMarshalers" at certain line of my code. It was difficult to understand why same code is not running in new environment. I investigated a bit and found that "CustomMarshalers" is required for compact framework which is not at all useful in my application. Ii couldn't found any solution except changing my code.

1. I had used LINQ queries at few places in my application so i had to change it to CAML query to run in all the environment

2. Wherever I was using "foreach" block and using Sharepoint object collection like SPListItemCollection, I was getting mentioned error. So I had replace all the "foreach" blocks with "for" construct.

I hope these information may help somebody....

Backup and restore using powershell command


backup-spsite -identity "site-collection-path" -path "backup-location"


site-collection-path : http://machinename:port/sites/sitecollectionname

backup-location : D:/backup/site.bak


restore-spsite -identity "site-collection-path" -path "backup-location" -Force

Note: You can not restore more than one site collection in a web application so you have to create a new database. Below command can be used to overcome this issue.

restore-spsite -identity "site-collection-path" -path "backup-location" -Force -DatabaseName "DBNAME"

To Create a new Database follow below instruction

Goto Central Administration---> Manage Content Databases-->Add New Content Database

Query List/Document Library in Specific Folder

To query SharePoint List or Document Library in specific Folder “ FolderServerRelativeUrl ” as part of the CAML Query Code Snippet ...