Monday, 24 January 2011

The Server Returned a non-specific error when trying to get data from the data source

This issue occurs when you do backup restore of the site/site collection. Due to this you can not see the page in design mode due to some reference changes and will not be able to add any new data sources on the page.

To resolve this issue follow below steps.

1. Go to Insert - New Item Form
2. Click on Custom List Form
3. Choose your custom list.
4. Choose form type (new/edit/display).
5. Select the "DataSources" section of the newly created dataformwebpart.
6. Now replace the existing "Datasources" section with selected one.
7. Remove the old DataFormweb part.

Just after saving the form mentioned error should go and you should be able to see all the controls with existing binding.


mooti said...

Hey Vimlesh, long time no see. I came across your name on a SharePoint article. Good to see you blogging.

Mikes SharePoint said...

Heh... A simpler fix would be to go to the code in SPD and find the Datasource entries where the WebURL is referenced and make sure it points to the right location and has the right GUID for the datasource. This is with in the webpartpage. No need for advanced edit.

I`am from Titov Veles said...

Another problem with same generic error was with windows updates
Solution is on this link

Query List/Document Library in Specific Folder

To query SharePoint List or Document Library in specific Folder “ FolderServerRelativeUrl ” as part of the CAML Query Code Snippet ...