Saturday, 21 August 2010

Opening the Sandbox

Few months back when I started exploring Sharepoint 2010, I was spellbound of so many new features like Metadata Management, Developer Dashboard,Powershell integration,Client Object Model, great development environment through Visual Studio 2010 and one of them is Sandbox Solution. At first glance Sandbox Solutions looked really great to me.

Why Sandbox came into picture

Earlier to Sharepoint 2010, if you are creating a sharepoint application using Sharepoint Object Model, code needs to be thoroughly reviewed and tested before it goes to Production Server to avoid any malicious code. Testing and code review is a big effort which is directly proportional to number of features or LOC of my application. I found Sandbox Solutions to be a real solution to the mentioned problem. Also it provides a good peace of mind to Sharepoint administrator because now they can do better monitoring and resource allocation per Site Collection. Apart from this they can validate the solution before it gets deployed.

After digging more I found that Sandbox Solutions are great but it can’t cater to all kind of Sharepoint applications.Sandboxed solutions run with lower trust level for hosted environments. A sandboxed solution cannot access the full SharePoint object model; it is limited to a subset of the Microsoft.SharePoint namespace. Sandboxed solutions run in a safe and monitored process with restricted access to resources.

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